Ladder Terms, types, functional sizes

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Ladder Terms, types, functional sizes- this European Standard defines and specifies the general design characteristics for ladders. This applies to portable ladders.

This does not apply to ladders that are specifically designed for professional use, such as roof ladders, fire brigade ladders, and mobile ladders.

NOTE 1 EN 131-4 is applicable to multiple hinge joint ladders

NOTE 2 Telescopic ladders EN131-6 is applicable.

NOTE 3 Mobile ladders with platforms EN 1371-7 is applicable.

NOTE 4 Step stools are not covered by this standard. EN 14183 is applicable.

Refrigerated display cabinets

This section of ISO 23953 defines refrigerated display terms and provides definitions. Cabinets used for the sale or display of foodstuffs. This does not apply to refrigerated vending machine.

Cabinets or other cabinets that are intended to be used in catering and similar non-retail uses.

NOTE: This part of ISO 23953 includes terms in English and French. These are the official ISO languages.

The equivalent terms are available in German, Italian and Spanish. These terms are published under the responsibility

Germany (DIN), Italy, and Spain (UNI) are members of the respective bodies. However, the terms and definitions are not included.

These terms and definitions can be taken as ISO terms.

Refrigerated display cabinets

ISO 23953-1-2015 defines terms and provides definitions for refrigerated display cabinets that are used to sell and display food products. This does not apply to refrigerator vending machines, cabinets that are intended for use in catering and other non-retail uses. This part of ISO 23953 contains the equivalent terms in English, French and Spanish. These terms are published under the responsibility and control of the member organizations for Germany (DIN), Italy (UNI) and Spain (AENOR). Only the terms and definitions found in the official languages are valid for ISO terms and definitions.

Cookware, Coffee makers with independent heat source definitions

This European standard outlines safety requirements, design, manufacture, and operation requirements. It also includes data for marking, instructions for maintenance and use of coffee makers. This standard applies to domestic coffee makers with an independent heating system used for the production of mellow espresso infusions under steam pressure. It is for coffee makers with a pressure greater than 50 kPa (0.5 bar) and a volume less that 2 litres.

Mortars for masonry, renders and plasters used in cultural heritage

This European Standard defines the terminology used for mortars in the field cultural heritage. NOTE: This European Standard contains the equivalent terms to the terms used in English, French, and German in the official CEN languages. These terms are published by the National Committee for NEN/UNI, ELOT/SIS and AENOR. They are provided for information purposes only. CEN terms can only be considered to include the definitions and terms used in the official languages.

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