Benefits Of Using The Latest ICS Standard From ISO and IEC

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Health Software - Health and Wellness Apps - Quality & Reliability

(ISO/TS 82304-2,2021)CEN ISO/TS 82304-2,2021

The European Technical Specification for Health and Wellness Apps will set out requirements that developers must meet in order to satisfy the needs of patients, doctors, carers, and the general public. It will contain a list of quality criteria. It covers the entire app development life cycle from the conception, testing, release, and updating of the app. This includes native, hybrid, and web-based apps, as well as apps that are associated with wearable, ambient, and other health devices. It will address fitness for purpose as well as monitoring usage. This specification will guide the development of apps for health and well-being, regardless of whether they are on the market or not. Check this <a href=" ">Collection of standard from ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, and SIST. for examples.


Controlgear and high-voltage switchgear - Part 100 - Alternating current circuit-breakers (IEC62271-100.2021)

EN IEC 62271-100.2021

IEC 62271:100:2021 applies to three-phase AC circuitbreakers that are designed for indoor and outdoor installation. They can operate at frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz for systems with voltages greater than 1 000 V. IEC 62271 101 provides synthetic testing methods. This third edition replaces the 2008 editions Amendment 1:2012, and Amendment 2:2017. This edition is a technical revision. These are the main changes to the previous edition.


Bonded Glazing for Doors, Windows and Curtain Walling - Test of the mechanical performance of bonding on Aluminium and Steel surfaces

EN 16759.2021

This document outlines the methods to be used for confirming the mechanical performance and durability of bonded glazing for windows, doors, and curtain walls (see examples in Annex B). This document covers only the bonding between the glass and the metallic surface.

NOTE 1 Bonded Glazing was formerly called structural sealant glazing SSGS.

This document describes bonded glazing that is incorporated into product construction works in the following:

Vertically or horizontally

- Up to 83deg (positive slope) from the vertical

- Maximum 15deg (negative slope) from the vertical onto building faces

NOTE 2 If the wall's outer surface faces upwards, it has a positive slope.

NOTE 3 Additional safety provisions may be applicable nationally.

This document provides information to the manufacturer in order to comply with design, factory production control, and assembly rules.

The testing involves the metal surface (anodized, coated aluminium, and stainless steel), the glass coating or not which must be bonded, and the bonding sealant.


Fibre optic communication system test procedures - Part 3: General communication subsystems – Measurement of central wavelength and spectral width (IEC 61281-1-3:2021)

EN IEC 61380-1-3:2021

This section of IEC 61280 provides measurement procedures and definitions for several wavelengths and spectral widths of the optical spectrum that are associated with a fibre optic communication system, an optical transmitter or other light sources used to operate or test communication subsystems. This document also contains measurement procedures and definitions for signal to source spontaneous emission and side mode suppression ratio. This measurement is used for system construction and maintenance. The optical transmitter is usually under modulation in the case of communication signals. NOTE Different properties may be appropriate to different spectral types, such as continuous spectra characteristic of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and multilongitudinal-mode


Rolling bearings – Thrust needle roller, cage assemblies, thrust washers, and thrust needle roller - Boundary dimensions and geometrical product specifications (GPS), and tolerance values

ISO 3031:2021

This document provides information about the boundaries and tolerances of thrust needle rollers and cage assemblies. It also recommends the dimensions and tolerances of thrust washers (i.e. Raceway members can be used as housing washers or shaft washers.

AnnexeA A provides general information about thrust needle rollers, cage assemblies, and thrust washers.

Annexe A B provides a gauging method for thrust needle rollers, cage assemblies, and thrust washers.


Hydrodynamic plain journal bearings in steady-state conditions – Circular cylindrical bearings – Part 1: Calculation procedure

ISO 7902-1.2020

This document describes a method of calculation for oil-lubricated, hydrodynamic plain bearings. The shaft and sliding surfaces of the bearings are separated by a lubricant film. This is used to design reliable plain bearings.

It deals with cylindrical cylindrical bearings that have angular spans O of 360deg to 180deg or 150deg. 120deg and 90deg respectively, depending on whether the arc segment is being loaded centrally. Except for minimal deformations due to temperature and lubricant film pressure, their clearance geometry remains constant.

This calculation is used to optimize plain bearings for turbines, generators and electric motors. It can only be used for steady-state operation (i.e. It is limited to steady-state operation, i.e. continuous driving conditions with constant loading magnitude and direction as well as constant angular speeds for all rotating parts. You can also apply it if a plain bearing is subject to a constant force rotating with any speed. Dynamic loadings (i.e. These are those whose direction and magnitude change with time, such as vibration effects or instabilities from rapid-running rotors.

Note that equivalent calculation procedures are available to allow operating conditions to be estimated and checked against accepted conditions. They are equally acceptable.

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