Homeowners Are Selling Inherited Property Without a Realtor

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The thought of selling California inherited property that is vacant and in a bad state can be one that many people don't want to even consider selling. The reason being is that it's difficult to get a California realtor to come out and look at the home, let alone show it for sale with no offers. After what happened with the housing market recently, real estate agents are not exactly interested in putting in the work required to sell an inherited property either.


Avoid Expensive Property Repairs

Faced with this situation most Californians assume they have no option but to repair everything themselves before they put the inherited property on the market. The problem associated with this decision is that doing all these repairs yourself requires a lot of money whereas hiring someone else means you'll receive less when it comes time to sell the home.

However, there is another way to solve inherited property problems in California that offer a way to save money and get cash in hand immediately. This solution is a company called Cash Offer Please™ and it's managed by Scott Berens, who focuses on buying inherited properties. Their goal is to purchase inherited homes directly from people like you who was given an inherited home in California they can't sell or use.

Cash Offer Please™ makes no qualms about jumping straight into negotiations when selling a house AS IS in California. They set their offer right away, which means you don't need to worry about the lack of other offers since theirs arrived first. Your inherited property can be bought as-is meaning no repairs are needed before it's sold to a cash buyer.


Selling a Vacant House AS-IS

The vacant home you inherited can be empty and beat up and no realtor is needed. You can avoid finding a realtor to sell your inherited house, avoid paying commissions or manage the sale of your as-is inherited property in California. You get an immediate sale with Cash Offer Please™ so selling for a fair cash offer without a realtor saves you time and money.

"We know that inherited property owners in California usually inherit properties they don't want," says the Scott Berens from Cash Offer Please™. "Our goal is to acquire them as quickly as possible so people who inherited homes can get on with their lives."

Cash Offer Please™ purchases inherited houses directly from heirs who inherited homes they never wanted in the first place. They buy them as-is, meaning repairs aren't necessary before the title changes hands. Any inherited property homeowners can get a fair offer for the vacant inherited property in 24 hours.

Cash Offer Please™ does background checks on California inherited homes to confirm ownership before they make any offers, so you don't have to worry about that. They pay closing costs and take care of paperwork necessary for transferring the title into their name from yours. At the end of the day, it's a quick and stress-free process that gives you cash in your hand! They provide an easy way to immediately sell inherited properties with no realtor involved.


Selling an Inherited Home Is Easy

Because Cash Offer Please™ deals directly with heirs who inherited California property without buying it first from a bank or other holder of an inherited home's title, they can close more quickly than any other buyers of inherited property. They have no time constraints for closing because there are no other parties involved with inherited property to wait on and if you choose to list your inherited house with a realtor, it will be difficult to get buyers interested since they'll want to get the home inspected first before making an offer (but I wouldn't do that because they will just take a cut from the sale price). Cash Offer Please™ pays cash-in-hand upon closing so you don't have to worry about writing checks to general contractors or paying a large commission check to a greedy real estate agent.

Cash Offer Please™ is not going anywhere in the future!  This is the only company that can guarantee you money for any inherited property, big or small.

" One of my aunts inherited an old fixer-upper from her parents and she didn't want to deal with it nor pay an agent's commission so I referred her to Cash Offer Please™ ." - Scott Williams, Property Manager in Glendale, CA.


Find a Cash Buyer Near You

Cash Offer Please™ is a privately owned business started in 2010 and already has had over 100 properties under contract; this number keeps growing every week.  "We help homeowners who inherited an inherited property or inherited a vacant lot from their loved ones," stated Scott Berens, the owner of Cash Offer Please™. "This service is helping ease the stress and burden a grieving family would feel with trying to sell such inherited property. We are here to help, and we have proven that to our local community."


What Do You Have To Lose? Get Your Free Quote Now!

Visit their website www.CashOfferPlease.com

Or call the company directly at (805) 325-7020

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