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When you read through this article, you can get all the necessary information about the best apps used on iPhone and Android to spy on whatsapp spy app using phone numberLinks to an external site. conversations and not get caught. Hello, it is Frankie here – the messaging app expert and enthusiast of smartphone hacking techniques. I want to bring to your attention to day the possibilities of spying on WhatsAppLinks to an external site. using several apps. Honestly, there are multiple methods to spy on WhatsApp messagesLinks to an external site. such as software bugs, social engineering, Mac Spoofing, and more. If you want to know more, I have written a guide all about this topic – but nothing is quite as seamless and easy as spy apps. With these applications, you can see if someone is texting, who they are messaging, read the messages and view any shared content. You can listen in on WhatsApp calls and have all of the deepest secrets of their digital life. Let’s be clear: there are many spy appsLinks to an external site. out there. Some are great, some are not. Some are free and others require subscriptions. Some are just for iPhones, some are just for Androids. Buying an app that does not suit your needs because you become confused is not uncommon. Luckily, you have me here to help. I have spent more than 5 years testing nearly all of the available WhatsApp tracking apps on the market and listed the best of these according to my direct analysis. But let’s not waste anymore of your time and get right to describing some of these top apps so that you can get to what you want to be doing.
Frankie’s Take: Beyond spy apps, there are several other methods one could use to gain access to or spy on WhatsApp account activities. If you are interested in learning about these, see my guide on The Best Methods for Spuing on Someone’s WhatsApp Account without Getting Caught

5 Best WhatsApp Spying Apps for Trouble-Free Access Right Now

I do not intend to keep you in suspense for the entire guide about what made the list and what did not. I want to quickly tell you which apps are best for spying on WhatsApp users without wasting your money on the fake apps and scams out there. Once I give you this information, though, we need to have a quick word before you scamper off.

1. SPY24

Compatible With:
There is no better tracking and spy app on the planet than SPY24. It is the most popular and most powerful application of its kind for WhatsApp. It has been featured in global publications like Forbes and Tech Times. This app does way more than grant you access to WhatsApp conversations. With this app, you can get access to conversations from Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and also track the user using live GPS. All of this without fear of being caught – the app is completely invisible on the target device. As mentioned before, the spy application is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and does not require rooting or jailbreaking the system to do this. Note: If you don’t know what this is, that’s okay. To quickly sum it up, these are processes that crack into the operating system of your phone and remove imposed and built-in restrictions. The installation of the software is simple and straightforward – and requires no special computer skills to achieve. You can also have some peace knowing there is 24/7 free assistance. You might also consider a paid service where a specialized trained technician guides you through the installation process step-by-step over the phone. Here is what you need to do to install SPY24:
  1. Purchase a software license on the site (15% DISCOUNT NOW)
  2. Access the target device if it is an Android. If an iPhone, you do not need to physically access it if you have the victim’s iCloud login credentials (email and password.)
  3. Install SPY24
  4. Login to your provided dashboard to begin gathering information
You can try a demo of the application for free to see just how easy it is to view WhatsApp conversations. PS: If you want to learn more on installing SPY24 on iPhone or Android devices, I composed a comprehensive guide with photos and videos to help you. Click here to access that detailed walkthrough.
SPY24 is a leading parental control app for smartphones that allows parents to monitor text messages, calls, current GPS location, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and much more.
PRO and CONS ✅ Easy to install ✅ More than 25 helpful features ✅ 24/7 support ❌ Plans beginning at $19 a month

2. Flexispy

Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Computers (Windows and Apple)
  • Jailbreaking (iPhone) or rooting (Android) required
For several years, Flexispy has been SPY24’s only fierce competition. The difference is that Flexispy comes with more features, including the ability to listen in on WhatsApp calls and environmental recording to record what people say and do in enclosed spaces. The real drawback that has been the requirement for users to jailbreak iPhones or root Android devices to install the software. To be honest, this requirement is a pain in the ass. Performing this requires some degree of computer skills (not wizardry) and time to achieve the result. Here are the steps you need to achieve to install Flexispy:
  1. Purchase a license
  2. Gain access to target phone for around 30 minutes for jailbreaking or rooting
  3. Install Flexispy
  4. Log in to your dashboard to begin spying on WhatsApp chats
If you encounter issues, you do have access to free 24/7 suppose in multiple languages. The app is very user-friendly and streamlined for the user. You have a convenient dashboard to organize and monitor all data. You do not need to worry about raising suspicions, Flexispy is completely invisible on devices. PRO and CONS ✅ Nice features like ambient recording ✅ Free 24/7 support ❌ Difficult to install ❌ More expensive

3. Hoverwatch

Compatible with:
  • Android
  • Computers (Windows and Mac)
  • No need for rooting
Another hidden tracking app gaining traction with users with Androids (unfortunately no iPhone version at this time). It can track and record WhatsApp messages, photos, and videos sent or received. You can also monitor shared links and calls. Much like other spyware already discussed, Hoverwatch can also track visited websites, track locations, monitor phone call information, and more. The interface for the application is easy and clever. It is completely designed to be used by people that are not technologically savvy, like parents who just use this technology to keep their kids safe. The installation is quite simple, even if you have never done something like this before. You do not need to do any rooting, but you will have to have the victim’s phone with you. Let me show you quickly the steps you will have to follow:
  1. Purchase a license
  2. Access the target phone and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources (i.e. NOT from Google Play)
  3. Install Hoverwatch
  4. Sit back and monitor the activity pouring into the dashboard showing you all the action happening on the victim’s phone.
Let me include a link to a video that can show you step-by-step how to install this spyware so you don’t experience any hiccups and make your life a little easier. PRO and CONS ✅ You do not need to root a device ❌ No version for iPhone


Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • No need to jailbreak iPhones but must root Androids (for full version)
The fourth software app that I want to introduce you to is XNSPYLinks to an external site.. It is a very powerful application that has only been on the market for a few years gaining traction. This app allows you to spy on WhatsApp conversations, videos, photos, and the log of WhatsApp calls made/received. Note: XNSPY does not have a “WhatsApp call tracking” feature, you just see calls that are sent/received on the phone. Like the other spyware listed here, you can monitor other social networks with this software, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can also view saved photos and videos on the phone, access the call log, and implement environmental recording. For people to spy on WhatsApp, you have to purchase XNSPY Premium (but there are good deals with a year purchase) If you are targeting an iPhone, you do not need to jailbreak to track WhatsApp. If you target an Android, you can either root the system and monitor WhatsApp entirely or you can just spy on incoming WhatsApp chats without rooting. Installing the software is not complicated, and requires very little computer skills. Here is what you need to do:
  1. Purchase the Premium Edition
  2. Access the target iPhone or Android
  3. Root the Android (for the full version)
  4. Install XNSPY
  5. Sit back with a bucket of popcorn to view all the new content and conversations you now have access to
You can try out a demo version so you can see how the dashboard works. PRO and CONS ✅ Easy to install ✅ 24/7, Multi-lingual support ❌ Updates to software can take a long time for new operating systems

5. Spymaster Pro

Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Do not need too jailbreak iPhones, must root Android devices
The last spy app included on this list to track and spy on WhatsApp conversations is Spymaster Pro. This is a functional (albeit more economical) version of the spy apps discussed so far. Among available functions, you can opt to spy on WhatsApp activities. You should have Spymaster Pro installed in 10-15 minutes, even if it is the first time you have ever done something like this. Follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a software license
  2. Access the phone you wish to target and root Android phones (you will find a link at the end of the guide about rooting Androids)
  3. Install Spymaster Pro
  4. Access the new dashboard and begin spying on the conversations from the target phone.
The software does much more than just spying on WhatsApp conversations, but allows you to track activities on Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, and Instagram. You can listen to calls, view internet browsing history, and track live locations using GPS. There is no trace of the program on the victim’s phone, so you are not going to get caught using it. You can get support 24/7 for free. PRO and CONS ✅ Cheap ❌ Cannot track WhatsApp calls ❌ Requires rooting Android devices

In Summation

I showed you what I consider to be the top 5 spyware apps for WhatsApp on the market in 2021. Let me show you again my order of preference so you know where to start.
  1. SPY24 – best for stability, ease of use, compatibility, and cost. You never need to jailbreak or root phones for installation.
  2. Flexispy – largest number of features but you do need to root Android devices for the full experience. You do not need to jailbreak iPhones.
  3. Hoverwatch – user friendly, Android-specific tracking that does not require rooting. Cheap and efficient option.
  4. XNSPY – complete yet expensive option, this does not require rooting or jailbreaking.
  5. Spymaster Pro – most inexpensive option that does not require iPhone jailbreaking. Rooting is required for Android installation.
Frankie’s Take: Which WhatsApp spying app is best? I would say everyone should start with SPY24, this is especially true if you have not used any other spying applications in the past.

Are There Free Spy Apps on iPhone or Android?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. To be entirely honest, the answer is no. You can find occasional free trails of programs for a limited time, the features are usually throttled and the experience is not full. This is a substantial amount of work involved in creating and maintaining a functioning spy app, so who is going to put in that time and effort for free? No one is. Even if you are willing to root an Android phone or jailbreak an iPhone, you are not going to find a reliable tracker and spy app other than the options that I have already mentioned. You do have other options beyond using these apps, however, such as Mac Spoofing with WhatsApp Web as I explained in the other article.

Why You Should Be Using Spying Apps

You might find that there are many reasons that could motivate you to. Many of these are justifiable and acceptable, even. Consider management wanting to keep an eye on the behavior of employees of their company, parents wanting to protect their children from the dangers of the internet, and more. There are other reasons that are less easy to rationalize and justify, such as tracking the behavior of your spouse to find out if they are being unfaithful. As they say – all is fair in love and war. If this is the path you are on, one of my other articles might interest you:
  • 10 Signs Your Man is Cheating on You
  • 10 Clear Signs Your Wife is Cheating on You
No matter your reason, before you decide if you should spy, it is worth reading up on how these programs work and what happens to the target device. Carefully study the instructions of spy apps you are considering and read the reviews of those that used the software before you. Note: Spying is illegal in most countries across the world. You should make sure that your actions are not violating the laws for the country where you live.

Using These Apps to Spy on WhatsApp Conversations

The mobile spying apps listed are for use on nearly all types of platforms or devices. Remember though, nothing works like spy movies that you watch. You have to install this software directly on to the phone in question in a very literal way. What this means is, you need physical access to the target phone (unless you have iCloud login credentials on an iPhone) to install the software that monitors activity. Monitor is a key term, as stealing is a universal crime in all countries. To help, I collected some of the best strategies to get the victim to relinquish their phone to you for a few uninterrupted minutes. I put them all in a video that I suggest you take the few minutes necessary to watch. Once you install the software using the instructions you read, it starts automatically collecting data and sending it to the secure web portal for viewing. Any internet-enabled device or computer can access the account and this dashboard. The individual being monitored should not suspect anything, as these apps run silently behind the scenes and present no trace of their existence.

Can You Prevent Someone Hacking Your WhatsApp Account?

There are several preventative actions one can take to avoid being the victim of someone spying on their WhatsApp account. I would say there are three primary approaches and things necessary to avoid allowing someone to install malicious tracking software on your device. I have included a short video to lay out these few items:

The Take Away

Friends, we have come to the end of this guide and hopefully the information you have received has helped you better understand spyware and its uses. It is always gratifying for me to read about how the information I can give helps others. Before we go our separate ways, let me recap the topics we have discussed to be sure you didn’t start skimming and miss something important. In the opening part of this guide, I listed the 5 best spy software programs to view and read WhatsApp conversations. Here is the preferred order:
  1. SPY24 🥇
  2. Flexispy
  3. Hoverwatch
  4. XNSPY
  5. Spymaster Pro
Bear in mind that no free apps exist to spy on WhatsApp. The second part of the guide talked about how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of spyware installation and protect your WhatsApp account. That’s everything I believe you need to know. If you have concerns, you can reach out through the comment section below for help. Stop back and check out this blog – I have more fun ways to show you how to spy on WhatsApp accounts. You should follow my YouTube channel for helpful video tutorials and read more tips, tricks, and hacks on my Facebook and Pinterest pages. Regards, PS – Worried your partner might be cheating on you using WhatsApp? You should take a look at my guide dedicated to the best ways to spy on a mobile phoneLinks to an external site. without software. https://bit.ly/3xve8FJLinks to an external site.
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