Success Financial Team — A Mentor's Perspective on Online Learning and How It Impacts Business Building

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Successful business coach Braxton Yoeman has teamed up with Success Financial Team to offer his insights on the business landscape that was drastically changed in the past year. The present global situation is forcing business owners and companies to rethink and remodel their business operations.

Braxton Yoeman, Boise, ID

Braxton Yoeman and Success Financial Team have been nationally recognized for their digital marketing and business consulting excellence. When asked to provide their insights into the current situation and business landscape, their opinion offered a refreshing and hopeful approach not usually seen in this current climate.  

How digital technology changed the learning environment

As Braxton explains, the past few years have shown that many traditional learning practices and methods are being gradually replaced by online technologies. From the extensive availability of online scholarly articles and digital journals to the proliferation of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) so called ‘life-hacks’ and instructional materials making for popular video content—the exchange of knowledge has indeed broadened exponentially.

Braxton also shared, “The reasons behind the shift from traditional to online learning is obvious. Learning has become accessible to almost everyone on the Internet, making it the greatest equalizer ever seen in modern history. It has become available for everyone now more than ever and it provides unprecedented access and availability of information to the public.

“Another reason for the strong transition to online learning is that it does not require the physical presence of both teachers and learners. They can share a learning experience online while still retaining quality and efficacy of face to face learning,” he further explained.

“Even though convenience and efficiency have been the primary incentives to moving the learning experience online, the survival of businesses is now pushing individuals and organizations to adapt their online systems. This is true, especially today since public safety is most important due to the current global crisis. People are staying home, and businesses have to adapt. And the ones that are doing that properly, are more profitable than ever.”

The need to transition to online platforms

The current health scare has made commuting a risky, perilous, and extremely uncomfortable task for many. Most people are abiding by public health advice to stay indoors to avoid the risk of being infected. Today, many have chosen the safety of their homes. Countries across the globe are on lockdowns. Economies worldwide are shrinking. As a result, businesses are now unable to operate at full capacity, while some have completely closed. Within just a few months, the once “normal life” has become a distant memory.

However, Braxton Yoeman shared that, “Amidst the global crisis, the Internet has proven to be an invaluable tool and means to help people and businesses adapt and survive. Firms and companies have now started to decentralize their systems and mechanisms, allowing employees to do remote work and resume operations online. For the past few months, some professionals and businesses even showed an improvement in their performance and profitability. This is especially true with administrative services and online stores. Other industries are yet to adapt, and there is an enormous pressure for them to make it work by rebuilding their overall business model.”

Online mentoring and learning

When asked about how business owners and entrepreneurs can efficiently adopt an online solution for the current demands of the global crisis, Braxton shared that there is nothing more important than learning from a mentor with extensive qualifications and experiences in supporting online businesses.

He explained, “Online mentorship provides several advantages to the learners. For example, at Success Financial, our learning programs can be customized according to the learner’s business needs. Unlike in a traditional setup wherein students usually learn the same objectives as the others, online mentoring allows participants to work with their mentor and agree to a program that can cater to their own business objectives and goals. In this way, business owners learn not just according to a fixed success formula but based on their individual needs—which brings about the quickest and most sustainable business success.”

Braxton Yoeman also shared his belief that experience is the only reliable teacher, not history. For him, history allows people to learn without committing mistakes, whereas experience empowers an individual to learn with context. This is also the reason why he believes that online mentors should be people with expertise and real-world experience, not just merely knowledge in business theories.

“All in all, the advantage of online learning is its flexibility when it comes to the transfer of knowledge. People can choose their program based on their needs, and they can also build a long-term relationship with their mentor as it is easier to keep the communication going online (and actually get real world results and profit). For instance, at Success Financial Team, we can maximize our clients’ experiences, even amidst this major crisis because there is continuous communication between us and them through our online systems. Because of this, we were able to adapt efficiently and quickly as compared to others, and have been more successful than ever,” he concluded.

About Success Financial Team 

Success Financial Team is an online business coaching and business development service provider. They specialize in helping today’s digital entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses, as well as assist traditional business owners in transitioning their businesses online. For more information, visit For inquiries, send an email to  

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